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P/E Capital Investments (CRD 172695) is a State Registered Investment Advisory Firm that provides Portfolio Management, Estate Preservation Concepts, and Comprehensive Investment Management.

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About Us

Our mission is to deliver a unique and personalized client experience. Our management and investment team understands these unique needs and works diligently to provide what is best fit while helping reduce exposure to unnecessary risks.

We recognize the market's dynamic movement and we ensure that our solutions are able to take advantage and monetize them. Our active management approach enhances our returns through improved vigilance, concise algorithms and  optimization of the features of our technological trading platforms.

The unique client-experience and active portfolio management distinguish us as a premier boutique investment firm.



Ashtree Block Ventures LLC, a subsidiary of ABV UAB with a VASP License and PECADO as the global operating exchange. Ashtree Block Ventures LLC is also an affiliate of DA5, Ashtree Consultancy Inc and Surge Mobile Access. We are a direct subsidiary of P/E Capital Investment Management Partners, a State Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Illinois, California, Indiana and Texas.
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