Our mission is to deliver a unique and personalized client service and to achieve excellence in our investment management programs. Our experienced management team understands and works diligently to the exclusive purpose of providing promised benefits and reducing most exposure to unnecessary risks.

We collaborate with select specialists when necessary to complement our skills and to deliver the full scope of wealth and investment management. Often, this unique collaboration leads us to the development of new platforms and new products which provide the customized solutions that meet our client’s unique needs.

P/E Capital Investments was founded by Eliseo Jojo L. Prisno CRPC,MS a seasoned investment advisor with track records of success at Wall Street's most prestigious firms. However, the firm’s independence was conceived while at Merrill Lynch, when the financial market    collapse   in the wake of the subprime debacle. The 2008 financial crises created   the  perfect storm affording the opportunity for the founder to depart and form

P/E Capital Investments. 

In 2010, reuniting with Candy Emnas-Prisno, nee Loreto-Emnas a seasoned sales and marketing specialist, a connection dating back to their childhood, P/E Capital Investment Management Partners was formally conceived as a Registered Investment Advisory firm.

P/E Capital Investments has championed a business process and investment philosophy  protecting the interests of clients. Today we are grateful that our firm is independently owned and operated affording us the flexibility to quickly respond to changing industry dynamics.

In 2015, P/E Capital Investments partnered with the World Surgical Foundation, a nonprofit enterprise founded by Dr. Domingo Alvear, a champion in pediatric surgery. This partnership engages

P/E Capital Investments’ endowment program (Giving Back) to focus on delivering altruistic medical care to the world’s marginalized communities.  

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