Lidu Saldana-Sano

Senior Associate / Special Markets Development Officer
West Coast (CA)

Ms. Saldana-Sano is a Senior Associate of P/E Capital Investment Management Partners and focuses on the Business Development Programs of the firm in California and nearby states. A graduate of the University of the Philippines with a degree in Business Administration, Ms. Saldana-Sano honed her marketing and investment skills while a member of the management team of a triple A rated construction company in the Philippines. With an extensive experience in sales and marketing, Ms. Saldana-Sano was a former realtor and a member of the Manila Realtor Board and Marikina Valley Realtor Board. Coming to the US, she became the administrator of Legacy Home Health Care based in California. Lidu advocates the Waraynon Initiative Network (WIN), a non-profit volunteer organization with vision and mission to preserve and promote Philippine heritage through arts,​ focusing on bringing relief to the indigents in the Waray-Waray islands of the Philippines.  Lidu is very fluent in the major Filipino languages, Tagalog, Waray and Cebuano.

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